Category : Web
Project : Web
Description : Mediacloud
Year : 2020
Published: Individually
Platform : Web
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Mediacloud - unified database for uploading files

Project Target

Creating a user interface and web application for image and video management according to specific customer requirements.

Additional data

- Type : For the customer

- Platform : Web

- Language: : Java Script, Sqlite, HTML, CSS, Jquery

It is a web user interface that allows, according to user rights, the storage and administration of image and video collections. Using Front-end web application, whih is connected to a third-party Back-end API, user data, image and video collections can be stored in a Back-end database. Both collections of images and videos as well as user accounts of individual users stored in the Back-end database can be administered from the Front-end web application.

Main features of the Web application:

1) Centralized database for uploading files regardless of format, size or other properties;

2) Different levels of access rights created - administrator, operator, user, reader and browser;

3) Ability to create a group, collection or library of the assets;

4) Individual setting of required attributes and tags;

5) Simple download and sharing process.

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