Category : HMI
Project : BRS CSP and TF
Description : HMI Development
Year : 2019
Customer : Big River Steel Inc. - USA
Platform : WinCC
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BRS CSP and TF HMI Extension

Project Target

The main target of this project was to extend the HMI display screens according to the plant extension.

Project made for SMS Group GmbH GERMANY

Technical data

- Platform : WinCC (Win, Win Server)

- Technology : Hot Strip Mill, Tunnel Furnace

- Hardware : Server, Redundancy server, HMI clients

- Communications : TCP/IP, RFM

Extension of Down coiler 2 screens:

Screens displaying and controling the extended down coiler 2 area.

Inductive Heating screens:

Sreens displaying and controling the inductive heating area.

Tunnel Furnace 2 screens:

Screens displaying the tunnel furnace 2 area.

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