Category : PLC
Project : PTKS
Description : Hot Strip Mill
Year : 2018
Customer : PT Krakatau Steel - Indonesia
Platform : LogiCad
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PLC PT Krakatau Steel HSM (Hot strip mill)

Project Target

The target of the project was to design, prepare, test and commission a process automation software according to customer's specifications. Project was realized on a new PLC programming concept.

Project made for SMS Group GmbH GERMANY

Technical data

- New Platform : LogiCad

- Fieldbus : ProfiBus, EtherCat

- Diagnostic : IbaAnalyzer

- Technology : Hot Strip Mill

Electromechanical position control (IMP):

This system contains control of drives to adjust mechanical gap posion.

Descaler pumps control:

This system controls water pressure pumps supporting the water for descaling process.

Cooling buster pump station :

This part contains the control of pressure pumps supporting exact amount of cooling water for rolling process.

Sequence control:

The system is sequantualy controlling the rolling process.

Integration Test:

This integration test was done in Germany at SMS Group GmbH company. Our parts of project software were merged together with the rest of the project software and tested all together. The main point of the integration test is to simulate whole technological entity and test all programmed parts together to reduce the commissioning time at customer.

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