Category : PLC
Project : EZDK
Description : Roll Change
Year : 2016
Customer : Al-Ezz Dekheila Steel Co. - Egypt
Platform : LogiCad
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PLC EZDK Roll Change

Project Target

The main target of this project was to redesign an existing software. The new design was necessary to follow a new concept and types of communications and to extend current roll change functions. A new PLC program was then realized according to the new concept.

Project made for SMS Group GmbH

Technical data

- Platform : LogiCad

- Technology : Roll Change

- Fieldbus : ProfiBus, EtherCat

- Diagnostic : IbaAnalyzer

Roll change control:

The roll change is a system of fast automatic sequential work rolls change and control of backup rolls change. This system also takes care for all roll data take over and check during roll change.

Integration test:

Integration test was done in Germany at SMS Group GmbH company. The main point of integration test is to simulate whole technological entity and test all programmed parts together to reduce the commissioning time at customer.

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