Category : JAVA, iOS
Project : Android, iOS
Description : Enterprise Application
Year : 2019
Published: Individually
Platform : Android, iOS
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Project Target

The target was to make an Android application to be able to manage customer´s orders with mobile phone through the internet.

Additional data

- Type : Our Product

- Platform : Android, iOS

- Language: : Java, Swift, Python

What can you do with this app?

This is an enterprise application to manage customer´s orders with a mobile phone through the internet.

In general:

1) The application communicate with the remote server, through an internet connection.

2) You can log in with different users.

You can do with this application:

1) create a new order

2) search active and archive orders with customized filters

3) view details and update an existing orders

4) make an export of filtered results to the file and share it.

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