Category : Mobile Applications
Project : Android, iOS
Description : Attendance system
Year : 2021
Published: Google Play, iOS Store
Platform : Android, iOS
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eProposal - Proposal Generator

Project Target

Creating, generating and managing business proposals in different languages.

Additional data

- Type : Our Product

- Platform : Android, iOS

- Language: : Dart, Flutter

What can you do with this app?

This application allows you to create business proposals in Czech, Slovak, English, Russian and Ukrainian languages. Generate and manage them in PDF format.

We are ready to adapt this application to your needs. We can include many individual features to fit this application to your needs. We can make it multi device application with database running on the server. We can provide the VPS hosting and maintenance for the database. For more information please contact us:

In general:

1)Application will help you to create business proposal from your phone.

2)Variety of styles will allow you to choose the one that fits your business.

3)Application can operate in three different modes. Essential mode (completely free of charge), Enhanced mode and Advanced mode.

Essential Mode Functions:

1) Automatic proposal number generation.

2) Generation of PDF file of saved proposal.

3) Contact person list.

4) Save data of your company as template.

5) Limited number of templates for customers and products.

6) Output language selection.

7) Proposal sharing from application.

Enhanced Mode Functions: Additional features beside Essential mode

1) No promotions pop ups.

2) Status of proposal - draft, accepted, declined, etc.

3) All styles of PDF available.

4) Text templates of proposal available.

5) Possibility to save up to 10 templates of products and customers.

Advanced Mode Functions: Additional features beside Enhanced mode

1) Possibility to save unlimited amount of templates.

2) Duplicate function.

We are ready to adapt this application to your individual needs and transform it according to your wishes and your requirements to an individual customer application. For more information please contact us:

Your success is our interest.